Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kid Quote

Here is my kid quote for the day. This is from the little girl that I tutor twice a week (we'll call her Suzy). She's in first grade and is always full of fun things to say :) hehe. Today we were talking about her family, when suddenly she says:

Suzy: OH! My mom said that I can vote in the principal election this time!!
Me: Oh really???! (having no idea what she's talking about)
Suzy: Oh Yeah!!
Me: Are you getting a new principal?
Suzy: No.
Me: Oh...ok...*silence*....well, do you know who you're voting for??
Suzy: Yeah! I'm voting for the dark skinned one!

All at once it was ding ding the light came on! Principal...President...easily confused! ;) I guess we know who her parents are voting for haha :) Ahh the things that kids say!

Hope you all had a blessed day!


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Diane said...

That's funny! You should write these things down so you can write a book one day! I love hearing all the funny things kids say!

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T♥RI said...

hehe cute :) i love kids too!