Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Ally Marie!

This little girl is my baby (ok...not so much baby :) lol) cousin Ally. She turned 3 on the 4th of October and we had a birthday party for her this past Saturday. I can't believe that she turned 3!! It kills me how fast she's growing up!

She had a Disney Princess birthday and is the epitemy of "girly girl" which if you know my aunt at all is hilarious. My aunt is definitely not a girly girl, don't misunderstand...she's not masculine or anything, but she'd rather be out playing softball then playing barbies. Ally loves pink, anything frilly and sparkly, and princesses! God has a great sense of humor :) haha.

Ally is so loved, and we thank God everyday for placing her in our lives! I can't imagine life without her little grin or silly giggle. I'm greatly looking forward to watching her grow up and seeing what God as planned for her life! are some pictures from the party!

Showing off some of her new loot!

Unwrapping a gift!

This is the cheezy Ally grin! We can't
get her to smile normal for a picture
anymore! haha :)

I call this the "uuh look at me aren't
I fabulous???" pose! Showing off
a new dress...


T♥RI said...

cute :) wow really she's 3... hmm... well i guess that seems about right. i havent known her that long lol :)

ily bel ♥

Sara said...

she is so dang OLD looking. holy crap. she is not a baby anymore....

sad. why do they all grow up. lets make babies stay babies forever. ok. good.

Diane said...

She's adorable! I love all the pics! You've got an eye for photography just like Tori! :)

If you think cousins grow up fast, just wait 'til you have your own kids! Time just should not be allowed to go that fast!... well, only at certain times when they're naughty! ;)