Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Article

Here is another article link that she sent to me. This article is also touching, I would encourage you to read it as well!

I am a Son of Haiti By Tim McDaniel

signing off - a fellow daughter of Haiti :)


T♥RI said...

another good article :) love the pics too, hey do you wanna go adopt a couple kids with me?? ;) seriously though, very touching.

Tiffany said...

haha you name the time and i'll be there :) hehe. i'm glad you liked it tor :) love you!

Sara said...

the pictures make the article 345 times better..... i guess better isnt the right word. it affirms the amazing-ness. bueno. and for the record, can i adopt like 18 of them. ?

Diane said...

Wow! Both of these articles are just amazingly written and they made my heart ache for Haiti... again! Being in America honestly makes me feel like my heart is tearing in two. This is not my home... but yet, it is... but it's not...!

Thanks for posting these, Tiff!!