Thursday, September 25, 2008

So this is us...

You can always tell a real friend: when you've made a fool of yourself he doesn't feel you've done a permanent job. ~Laurence J. Peter

Video from the July Haiti Trip

This is a video from our last trip to Haiti in July. It is one of my favorites from the trip! Our friend Tipap is hosing the kids down that were standing outside of the gate. They are so animated and giggly that it makes me laugh!

The story behind this is that the night before we had been having a water balloon fight inside the gate. We kept throwing water balloons over the gate (it was closed) at the kids who were standing there and we laughed every time we heard them shriek with laughter (ok ok so more than once we were actually getting cussed out...but it didn't stop it from being funny :) haha). Eventually they got smart and started throwing water back at us by filling up buckets at the pump outside. One of the times that they meant to throw water over someone accidentally let go of the bucket and it came sailing over the gate along with the water! We all laughed really hard at this, and even harder when we heard the unison "AWWWWWWWW" from the kids on the other side at loosing some of their ammunition. It was a fun night! But we were surprised the next morning at how eager these kids were at getting hosed down. It was cute nonetheless! Hope you enjoy the video as much as I do :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

...And this is called procrastinating...

Soo...I'm supposed to be working on this demographic study thingy (like the technical name??) for my teaching reading class...but I don't want to lol. So, what better time to finally update the blog?? :) hehe (for those of you wondering about my abilities to home-school your children...I promise not to procrastinate then or to teach them to procrastinate :) lol).

I got to have dinner with some amazing friends tonight :) They have been so amazing to my dad and I throughout this entire process that my family is going through. Sometimes I think that I like them enough to even move in with them ;) lol. They have really been a blessing though :) These are them....minus their lovely children.

My kids at work today were terrible lol. I know that kids are kids and that they are going to act up. But lately they have all been so naughty. I've thought of myself as a pretty patient person, but somehow I think I'm supposed to be learning more patience or something. God has a funny sense of humor. I'm sure He's laughing up there while I refrain from tearing my hair out :) As frustrating as they have been lately I still love them all. Funny how kids have a way of wiggling themselves into the little crevises in your heart. Here are some summer pictures of my kids :) I realized that no one but Tori has seen any of them lol.

Lucas and Colin





Connor and Hunter


Here is a few of them anyway. I think that they're pretty stinkin' cute :) I hope that you all had blessed days! Thanks for reading!