Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 6....

Today was the day I was most nervous about/not looking forward to. I have to work later in the afternoon on Thursdays. Translation: I'm not here when the kids get off the bus. I know that they are fine on their own for a little bit with Nik, but it's still makes me nervous. I left my numbers for them and called them to check in. They of course were fine :) While I was at work and the kids were at school Nate's dad came to start painting the great room! I had no idea that he was coming, so it was a surprise to all of us! Here are some pics for you N & B!

The doors are in as in they "came in" but aren't in the wall yet (they're in a box in the garage!). So, I'm thinking they'll go in tomorrow?? I'm not sure, the builder was here and gone before anyone saw him. I'll post pics as soon as it's up! It's exciting to see paint on the walls though, it looks great!

After I got back from work, Nik helped me make dinner. We had spaghetti (you all wanted to know that right?? lol). It was fun, Nik and I had a lot of fun laughing at each other and being goofy. He's a good kid and has been a huge help :)

Tori came over later and hung out again :) It's been fun seeing her so much lol! Her and I had a spatula fight with Caleb and Nik lol. Translation: Running around like fools smacking each other with spatulas lol :) Well...Tori, Nik and I had spatulas...Caleb had a big plastic spoon that hurt really bad lol. No major injuries occured, although I'm pretty postive that Tori and I are going to have some bruises tomorrow! haha. I'm guessing that a few of you are now thinking that you will never let me babysit lol :) Here are some pics of the craziness!

Caleb's ready!
Tori getting attacked lol

haha :)

Stupid fun calls for a stupid picture!

It's been a great and tiring day! Keep N & B in your prayers. God is doing amazing things and has even more in store! Love!

Day 5....

Sorry again about not posting yesterday. I was not feeling very "bloggy" lol. Very unexpressive and that's a bad place to be when you're writing something like this lol. So, sorry N & B :) Yesterday morning went on without too much excitement, the kids and I have developed a pretty good routine :) And then when they got home from school they decided that they didn't want to go to church. It was a 4-1 vote no, so we decided to do something else instead. I opted to going back to Charlie's Dump since we went later the night before! So that's what we did! It was nice getting to take some pictures in the light! The kids had a lot of fun :)

Katie getting ready to go down!

Everyone's at the bottom of the hill :)

lol don't worry....they didn't actually go down the hill like that ;) lol


Hannah making her way up the hill!

**Notice B that they ALL have hats on this time ;) lol :)

Nik :)

Katie and Nik

hehe :)

Heather's so cute!

Caleb and Hannah

Hannah got tired and decided to lay down lol :)


Stayin' toasty with our coffee :) hehe

**And lastly my favorite picture of the whole night!!!**

After sledding we went and got some hot chocolate and came home and made dinner. We ended up driving around a few places to find some where that actually had hot chocoloate. Of course I didn't tell the kids what we were doing and the whole time they were like "ooh we're going here cool!!!" and then we'd pull out and they'd be like "oooh! what are you doing???" and finally I got a "you're just like our dad he does this all the time and we never end up going anywhere" lol. Apparently Nate's a big tease ;) lol. They forgave me once they were filled with a warm sugery beverage though lol :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sunday Video

This was the video that I was really bummed about not loading, but youtube finally uploaded it!! Sorry it's so late! Hope you enjoy!!!

Next KJ-52???

Could this be the next generation KJ-52??? lol You tell me :)

From the Kids :)

Hey you. I would love to see some pictures of Petit guave! I have been having a blast here with
tiffany!! I miss you so much and am getting anxious for you to come home. And just a heads up I am doing great in school! I flew over a colossal jump and landed it making my backside very sore
lol. love you lots,
nikolas yonker

So were are you know? How are you doing?
I was good wed , Tuesday, and Monday.
But Sunday I was not so good sorry :)
Tiffany, Tori , And I was having fun .
Did u have fun there did you did u did u??????????
I saw you thing u got me I love u to !
make sure dad gets it too tell him to read it all if he is not there.
If not tell him . Hannah was playing with me a lot.
And tori was marred to Tiffany and I was. we went to the Haitian church.
now tori is with me now and Tiffany


i love you mom and dad hope you have a

fun love you!

i miss yoy mom and dad i hope yoy hev A GOOD TIME AT HAITI I MISS YOY WE ARE BINI GRD

Hey dad hey mom how is your trip? Have you found that place you where looking for yet ? We went to charlys dump again I MISS YOU ALOT AND HOPE YOU HAVE A SAFE TRIP FOR THE REST OF THE TIME BYE AND LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We miss you guys! You are in our prayers! Love!

P.S.~ I didn't tell Nik to say that ;) haha :)

Hopped Up on Sugar

Here is one of the videos that I've been trying to load! It's from Sunday night when we were all being silly and taking pictures. lol At first he had no idea that he was being videoed, then they caught on! Funny kids!!

You'd think I fed him sugar all day...but nope lol :)

Hey N & B...I like pickles :) hehe

Ohh...I've also been meaning to blog about a funny Caleb quote! Sunday night for dessert after dinner we baked a cake. Tori and I had it cooling and she was going to frost it after it cooled down so it was sitting on the stove and we were all in the other room. Well, Caleb kept leaving the room and coming back and one time Nik went out to get something too. He came back in and was like "Umm...Caleb's sticking his fingers in the cake and frosting..." with a totally disgusted look on his face lol. We went out to check on it and sure enough there were little finger holes in the frosting (not the cake though!). I was like "uhh oh Caleb maybe you shouldn't get cake?" and without letting me finish he started crying and went into his room. I followed him and told him that I didn't say he wasn't, but that he really shouldn't have been sticking his fingers in the frosting because other people were going to have to eat it. We laughed and he was like "but it was sooooo goooooood!!!!!" hahaha. It made me laugh really hard!! He's a cute kid and he got his cake :)

Day 4....

Hello! I'm sorry I didn't post this last night, I was so tired that I just decided to do it today :) Yesterday got off without any problems and before I knew it the work day was done and the kids were on their way back from school! Caleb and Hannah both went over to the neighbor's house after school, and Katie, Heather, Nik, Tori and I had a "dance party". That's what the kids called it anyway lol :) We turned up the radio much, much too loudly and ran and danced around like crazy people, it was fun :) hehe. It was fun getting to spend some time specifically with Katie, Heather and Nik! Here are some fun pictures from our "dance party"!

Dancin' :)

Me and Heather!!

Heather and Nik!

She's a Rockstar :) lol

Silliness! :) hehe him!

jumpin' on Tori :)

awww :)

sibling love lol :)

hahaha :)

Tori has been nice enough to come and visit/hang out with us after school on both Monday and Tuesday (Thank you Diane!!!!). It's been fun getting to see her and hang out with her so much! Before dinner we all went to Charlie's Dump (thank you Tammy for directions!! they were awesome!) and went sledding. The goal was to get out there before it got too dark, lol it didn't really happen that way. But we all still had a lot of fun!!!

Caleb and Nik

Katie and Hannah


Heather and Nik!

haha Katie!

**Haha..uhh...sorry that the older three didn't have hats on B :( They were all getting their stuff on, and hopped into the van before I realized that they didn't have anything on their heads. I made sure that Hannah and Caleb had them on before we left but didn't realize the others didn't until we were already there :( sorrrry!

Nik coming back up the hill after going down on his bum lol he looks a little sore ;) haha

Hehe Caleb!

Katie being cute!

Hannah going down the hill!

It was c-c-cooold!

After sledding we came back and had dinner, and then got a surprise call from Brenda! The kids were so excited! It was great to hear from you and actually get to hear about some of the things that are going on. Please continue to keep N & B in your prayers! So many exciting things are happening :) Love you N & B!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 3 Phase 2...

I thought I was going to have to eat my words after being so cocky about how smoothly everything went this morning! Katie, Heather, Caleb, Hannah and I all walked out the door at 8:13, to which I scoffed about how much time we had left to spare (haha kidding! ;) lol). We got down to the bus stop and waited...and waited...and waited until it was 8:25 and there was no bus and no other neighbor kids waiting at the stop. I started laughing to myself about how I spoke too soon and was going to have to call work to explain to them that I now have to take the kids to school because we had somehow missed the bus. But, alas, a minivan pulled up behind me at 8:30 with more kids, and the bus came at 8:32. :) Not admitting defeat today!

The rest of the day went really smoothly and the kids all got home from school no problem. Brenda's parents were kind enough to offer to bring over dinner tonight. The meal was great, and they are both super sweet, but I'll be honest was awkward :) haha At first anyway, after a little while everything was a little more normal/comfortable hehe! I appreciate so much that they brought us food, and even helped clean up afterwards, please don't let that be understated!

The rest of the night went really well and I have cute videos to post, but blogger isn't letting me post them? Anyone have any suggestions??? :) Help please!

Ooh...and B...what was in this??? ---------------------------->
Because Tori and I found it in the refrigerator, and tried it. It was delicious :) Haha....and you can tell we liked it right??? :) Everytime we asked one of the kids they were like "uuh...I have no idea??" lol But they also thought it was tasty. Hope it's ok that we consumed the entire thing...if not I promise to make it up to you :)

Here are a few funny pics from today. I'm really bummed I can't get those videos to load :( Hopefully tomorrow. Anyway, I hope that you all had a blessed day! Love to N & B from all of us here in the Arctic :)