Sunday, October 5, 2008

Haiti Friends

Here are a few more pictures from my last trip to Haiti this past July. These are a few of my friends from down there, all of which I miss a ton! Pray for all of them. They are all doing things for the Lord, and are under attack just like us.

Mickenson and Paige

Renald and Son

Tori and Mickenson

Me, Tipap, Paige, Tori, Mickenson, Esaie

Tori, Paige, Mickenson, Esaie
Mickenson, Esaie, Tipap

Tori is not from Haiti (although she wishes she was ;) hehe) she is a friend that has gone on quite a few of the trips with me. Paige is one of the daughters of Troy and Tara Livesay who are the missionaries that we know from down there. Tipap, Mickenson, and Esaie all worked at the mission compound that we stayed at down there. They are from the village of LaDigue and are a lot of fun to hang around with. Renald and Son (pronounced Soan) were two of our translators for VBS in July. We got to know them while we were down there and they are good friends too.
I miss them all!


T♥RI said...

:'( I miss them too. Can we go back like now?!?! Love the pics though love :)

Diane said...

Awww... I love the pics! I wish I were there right now!!

Sara said...

cute pictures brah.