Saturday, December 13, 2008

Adventures in Daycare

Meet our new hole in the wall...

Friday at work Katlyn and I were really busy greeting parents, getting kids on the buses, making breakfast, making sure kids are playing without killing each know...the typical morning...when all of the sudden we hear "BOOM!". Both Katlyn and I run into the other room to see my dear Kyle looking rather suspicious. We both were rather dumbfounded, "What was that??!!" I asked him. To which we got a " was nuthin". We of course didn't really believe him, but too busy to really think anything different, and clearly seeing no one hurt, we went back to what we were doing. A few minutes later after I got another group of kids on the bus to school, Katlyn called me into the other room, saying that I really needed to come and look at this. The "this" she was referring to, was our new hole in the wall. Our present from Mr. Kyle himself. When asked about what happened his story changed several times varying from "I was meditating and bumped my head" to "I slipped and fell and my foot hit the wall" The slipping story was the one he eventually stuck with. We told him that he would have to talk to my boss about what happened, and all of the kids know that talking to her means serious business (translation: you're in BIG trouble!) so he decided to write her a note expressing his "most sincere apologies". Here is said note:
The note says:
"To Pam:
When I was running I slipped my foot flung up and it hit the wall and made a hole I am sorry so so so so so (+ a few more 'so's) SORRY! Please forgive me I will paint and place the wall piece on correctly please forgive me.
With all my hearts
KYLE" cute! We all had a chuckle about the note, and know that he felt awful. Needless to say my boss still wasn't happy. will be kids right? haha ahhh never a dull day :)

Here is another shot of the wall modeled by a lovely young lady ;)
It's a pretty big hole lol

And the culprit... :)

Some Loves :)

These are some of my lovelies :) I love them all, and even though I sometimes complain about my job I love the opportunity that I have to care for and love on these kids. They may frustrate me, stretch me and test my patience, but they also make me smile, laugh and have taught me so much. I love 'em each :)