Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cool Dude

This little guy is Jerry! He lives at Bercy Orphanage in Haiti, which we visit just about every time that we are down there. Jerry is my favorite kid there, mostly because he stole my heart the first time we came to Bercy.

Jerry was found in an abandon hut by a passerby as an infant. They brought him to Bercy, and the staff wasn't even sure that he would make it he was so malnourished. They had no idea how long he was in the hut by himself, but it appeared to be quite a little while. Jerry's story will forever be ingrained in my mind. I couldn't wrap my mind around it when I heard it. I hated leaving him when it came time for us to leave the orphanage. Thankfully our ammmmaaazing group leader (brownie points bossman?? ;) haha) lets us make visits while we are there. This video is from when we were down there in July, but we taught him "cool dude" and "peace" when we were there over a year ago :) He still remembers it and us, which I love! Please pray for Jerry. Him and so many other boys and girls like him suffer everyday.

I love him!!! Have a blessed day!!


Nate and Brenda said...

He is a cutie!!

Here is the link:

Tiffany said...

hehe yeah he is :) thank you thank you brenda :D

T♥RI said...

hey i took that video :) lol

aww i like him!! wanna go visit him, like NOW?!?! psh i totally would man, lets go...

love ♥

Chad and Tammy said...

That is SO cute!! Don't you just want to take them all home?!!