Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hopped Up on Sugar

Here is one of the videos that I've been trying to load! It's from Sunday night when we were all being silly and taking pictures. lol At first he had no idea that he was being videoed, then they caught on! Funny kids!!

You'd think I fed him sugar all day...but nope lol :)

Hey N & B...I like pickles :) hehe

Ohh...I've also been meaning to blog about a funny Caleb quote! Sunday night for dessert after dinner we baked a cake. Tori and I had it cooling and she was going to frost it after it cooled down so it was sitting on the stove and we were all in the other room. Well, Caleb kept leaving the room and coming back and one time Nik went out to get something too. He came back in and was like "Umm...Caleb's sticking his fingers in the cake and frosting..." with a totally disgusted look on his face lol. We went out to check on it and sure enough there were little finger holes in the frosting (not the cake though!). I was like "uhh oh Caleb maybe you shouldn't get cake?" and without letting me finish he started crying and went into his room. I followed him and told him that I didn't say he wasn't, but that he really shouldn't have been sticking his fingers in the frosting because other people were going to have to eat it. We laughed and he was like "but it was sooooo goooooood!!!!!" hahaha. It made me laugh really hard!! He's a cute kid and he got his cake :)


Nate and Brenda said...

This was hilarious!!!!

That sounds like Caleb!!

sticker said...
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