Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 1 of Our Adventure...

Greetings from the Yonker house :) hehe. Everything has been going just fine here, even though it's been a little nuts, but's how we roll :)

Shortly after Nate and Brenda for the airport the kids and I went and picked up our lovely friend Tori who came over to help and hang out! We came back and made Valentine sugar cookies with the kids. Tori and I got the dough made while the kids played. The directions call for softened but not melted butter. So, I put in the half of stick of butter and was being really careful watching it. It didn't do anything at first, so I put it in for longer. To make a long story short this is what we ended up with...
Needless to say we got to talking and I forgot about the butter lol. It was a nasty mess, but we got a good laugh out of it! Once the dough was ready the kids came and cut out cookies. We all had so much fun, the kids were pretty funny. I'm not sure if they really grasped the concept of not cutting cookies out of the cookies they already cut out lol but it was interesting. Brenda apparently doesn't get out a rolling pin very often ;) When I got it out to roll out the dough the kids were all like what is that??? lol I was like a rolling pin? Tooo funny :)

Here are some pics of Cookie time :)

Heather showin off her hearts :)

Nik was very concentrated! lol

After we got all that we could out of the dough the kids got to eat the left overs. I'm pretty sure it was their favorite part ;) haha
Caleb being silly :)

After the cookies were done baking the kiddos got to decorate them. We had frosting and Valentine's Day sprinkles. We ended up having yellow and white frosting, because we couldn't find any red lol. The cookies still looked great...degage :)

Caleb ended up with more sprinkles on his than frosting lol :)

All of Katie's cookies had enough frosting for two cookies a piece lol

Tori and I decided that we take better goofy pictures than serious ones :) haha

haha Lovely :)

Brenda's mom was awesome enough to bring us a casserole and some jello that we baked and ate last night. It was delicious and really nice to not have to make anything! Dinner was commical, the kids were frustrated at first that no one was in their "normal" seat. But then thought it was hilarious to call each other by the name of the person who usually sits in that seat. Tori became the "mom" and to Niks dismay he was the "dad". It was ironic though that he ended up in Nate's seat. Before Nate and Brenda left Nate told Nik that he was the "dad" this week. He took his role very seriously Nate lol :) He's been cute and a huge help. After dinner without even being asked he started doing the dishes and enlisted Caleb's help. Tori and I hadn't even gotten up from the table yet. They were cute!

After dinner we told the kids we could make slushies and watch "Wall-e". It was interesting trying to figure out the slushie machine, but we did it! The kids got a crack out of me trying to break up the ice before we put it into the machine. By the way N & B...don't put the ice in tin foil to break it up. We had a piece of tin foil out, and put the ice in there and a towel around that to hit with a hammer. It seemed like a good idea at first because it didn't burst open like that bags seemed like a good idea...until we started finding little pieces of tin foil in the slushies lol :) oopss.....haha. The kids were good sports about it lol but it was pretty funny.

Tryin to figure it out!

Yummm!! They turned out really good!

Nik's mouth was soo blue! It stayed like that for hours! lol

They loved Wall-e, and we had them up too late, but it was a lot of fun :) Keep Nate and Brenda in your prayers! They landed today around noon, and were greeted with perfect weather! Nate isn't feeling 100% though, which stinks. We're praying for good rest tonight and strength for them tomorrow!


Nate and Brenda said...

I LOVE this!!!!! Thank for posting about their days!!

I had to laugh about the rolling pin!! I do not use it much!! We never do cut out cookies because I am NOT very good at them!!
:) I only use it to make cinnimon rolls! Cute! Love the pictures!!!

Nate and Brenda said...
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