Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 3 Phase 2...

I thought I was going to have to eat my words after being so cocky about how smoothly everything went this morning! Katie, Heather, Caleb, Hannah and I all walked out the door at 8:13, to which I scoffed about how much time we had left to spare (haha kidding! ;) lol). We got down to the bus stop and waited...and waited...and waited until it was 8:25 and there was no bus and no other neighbor kids waiting at the stop. I started laughing to myself about how I spoke too soon and was going to have to call work to explain to them that I now have to take the kids to school because we had somehow missed the bus. But, alas, a minivan pulled up behind me at 8:30 with more kids, and the bus came at 8:32. :) Not admitting defeat today!

The rest of the day went really smoothly and the kids all got home from school no problem. Brenda's parents were kind enough to offer to bring over dinner tonight. The meal was great, and they are both super sweet, but I'll be honest was awkward :) haha At first anyway, after a little while everything was a little more normal/comfortable hehe! I appreciate so much that they brought us food, and even helped clean up afterwards, please don't let that be understated!

The rest of the night went really well and I have cute videos to post, but blogger isn't letting me post them? Anyone have any suggestions??? :) Help please!

Ooh...and B...what was in this??? ---------------------------->
Because Tori and I found it in the refrigerator, and tried it. It was delicious :) Haha....and you can tell we liked it right??? :) Everytime we asked one of the kids they were like "uuh...I have no idea??" lol But they also thought it was tasty. Hope it's ok that we consumed the entire thing...if not I promise to make it up to you :)

Here are a few funny pics from today. I'm really bummed I can't get those videos to load :( Hopefully tomorrow. Anyway, I hope that you all had a blessed day! Love to N & B from all of us here in the Arctic :)


Diane said...

You are very daring to eat a "UFO" --- "unidentified food object"! ;)

Brenda said...

LOL!!! It was a dessert I had made. It came from a box. I am glad you ate it! I forgot that it was in there.

Try to post the videos to youtube and then load from their. That is what I am doing with Tipaps. It takes awhile but it will eventually work!!

Love the pictures.

I can imagine it was awkward. I would have been uncomfortable too if I did not know them!! I am glad they brought you dinner and helped.

materials said...
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