Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 2....

Today was long, and tiring and a lot of fun! Tori and I woke up this morning to running feet and giggling up and down the bedroom hallway. It made us laugh cause they thought they were being sooooo sneaky. Yeah...guys if you're gonna be sneaky...running by our door probably isn't the best idea. lol. We got the kids up and around and went to see our new Haitian friends at church! They were all very confused to see Tor and I walk in with the 5 Yonker kids and no Nate and Brenda lol. But they all pass on love and prayers to you :) After church we came back and decided to play some Disney Monopoly. I got a fire going and Tori popped some popcorn :) It was niiiiice! (ooh...side note: Nate...which wood was the wood that was ready?? 'Cause I thought I grabbed the right stuff, but it was smoking a lot and took a little bit to get it going?? lol) We had fun being silly and taking pictures.

Party by the fireplace :) hehe

Me and Caleb!

Tori and Caleb :)


Tori and Hannah!

Tori had all of the kids tryin to be gangsta lol it was pretty comical....

The cover of Caleb's first rap CD lol

I have videos to post, but they're being difficult, so I'll put them up tomorrow :) Hope you're having a great night! We love you N & B!


Nate and Brenda said...

Awesome!! Love the gangster pics!!!

The wood Nate was talking about was near the big wall of garage. The stuff farthest from our door into the house!

Tiffany said...

Oooh ok...seee I took it from the wrong pile lol :) It still burned, but not very easily! Oops...hope that is ok?