Monday, June 15, 2009

Lazy Kitty Days

Meet "Kitty" :) She is an outdoor cat that was actually born in our barn. She's adopted us, and lives under our front porch. I'm really not a cat person at all, I much prefer dogs. However, this cat I don't mind for some reason.

Since it's started to warm up she's been spending a lot of time on the deck. It always cracks me up to see her lazying around (yes that's a word :P lol). Today I caught some of her laziness on camera. I thought it was kinda comical lol.


Mari said...

Awww - She is so cute. I love cats though!

Diane said...

I've heard of "it's a dog's life" but is there a term for a cat??? "Queen for the day" maybe???

Tiffany said...

haha she definitely thinks and acts like one! i'm thinkin that's a good way of putting it! :)