Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fire Engines

It seems that all of my good stories lately are from work. Hmm...I wonder what this says?? I have a boring life?? lol maybe... ;) Anyway, the other day at work we were doing our morning circle time when suddenly there was a rush of sirens. They literally seemed to be coming from every direction on the road in front of the daycare. The kids all ran to the big window to watch the fire engines drive by, when to our surprise they stopped right in front of the center! We were a little concerned, but mostly confused because we couldn't see any proof of a fire or anything anywhere. But, firefighters went running into one of the houses across the road with hoses and everything. The kids LOVED it! They all had their faces pressed up against the windows (luckily we have some big windows right up front lol) and we opened the front door so that they could hear everything.

It was funny so see all of the neighbors out front in their lawns too, confused as to what was going on. The weird part was that the fire engines just kept coming, along with a water truck, two ambulances and a few cop cars. I tried to capture them all, but didn't really get to. All in all there were at least 10 emergency vehicles and we never even saw smoke! It was kind of crazy, but the kids loved it! One of the fire engines directly in front of the big window blew his horn for the kids, they thought it was great! Needless to say it made for an interesting morning :)


Diane said...

That's crazy!!!!! Did you ever find out if there was a fire?? I'm sure the firemen thought the gawking kids across the street were a cute sight though! :)

Vicki Gates said...

that is so cool. i love fire engines, firefighters, and all emergency apparatus =).