Monday, September 22, 2008

...And this is called procrastinating...

Soo...I'm supposed to be working on this demographic study thingy (like the technical name??) for my teaching reading class...but I don't want to lol. So, what better time to finally update the blog?? :) hehe (for those of you wondering about my abilities to home-school your children...I promise not to procrastinate then or to teach them to procrastinate :) lol).

I got to have dinner with some amazing friends tonight :) They have been so amazing to my dad and I throughout this entire process that my family is going through. Sometimes I think that I like them enough to even move in with them ;) lol. They have really been a blessing though :) These are them....minus their lovely children.

My kids at work today were terrible lol. I know that kids are kids and that they are going to act up. But lately they have all been so naughty. I've thought of myself as a pretty patient person, but somehow I think I'm supposed to be learning more patience or something. God has a funny sense of humor. I'm sure He's laughing up there while I refrain from tearing my hair out :) As frustrating as they have been lately I still love them all. Funny how kids have a way of wiggling themselves into the little crevises in your heart. Here are some summer pictures of my kids :) I realized that no one but Tori has seen any of them lol.

Lucas and Colin





Connor and Hunter


Here is a few of them anyway. I think that they're pretty stinkin' cute :) I hope that you all had blessed days! Thanks for reading!


Diane said...

They are so cute!! I would like to hear those stories/quotes I've heard about them again now so I can picture them saying them! -- It would be good blog material! :)

Nate and Brenda said...

I love seeing pictures of the kids!! I hear about them so much its nice to put faces with names!!

Cute pictures!!!

Chad and Tammy said...

I love the pics! I am SO with you on the patience thing. People used to tell me what a patient person I was. HA!! If they could see me now . . . 4 kids later, I am no longer a patient person. I think God is definitely working on me in that area too! :)

Sara said...

my my. too cute.

i bet you didnt think i kept an eye on
ohhhh, you bet yer bottom dollar. youre officially on my bookmark bar. right next to relevant magazine and neue. this is serious.


keep updating!!!!

Tiffany Gates said...

Diane you're so smart! haha Who would have thought to use these stories as blog material lol. My...I'm slow :) haha.

Brenda...they are cute huh? lol I said...I promise I won't teach your kids to procrastinate :) lol

Tammy I so agree! It's funny how kids do that to you. And these aren't even my own! I think I may be in for some trouble when I finally do have my own lol.

Sara..thanks for putting me on your bar thing! haha makes me feel special :) hehe

T♥RI said...

aww can i come to work with you again sometime?? i miss those kids!! and you :)